What are the requirements for paper cone  equipment

Issuing time:2018-05-04 10:55

Paper tube equipment in use to pay attention to many aspects, not only in order to produce the quality of the products, but also for the safety operation. Paper pipe equipment must meet the requirements of the work, in order to meet the requirements of production?
Primary in paper tube machine before use to view should view the paper tube equipment, electrical equipment, switch is not outstanding, electrical wiring is not insulated, screw, nut is tightened, protective equipment is not safe and in the refueling point lubricating oil, empty homework 1 - 2 minutes, the normal equipment before operation;
In reeling machine cut low, such as the use of ventilation machine tool cutter, cutting height should not exceed 125 mm and according to the needs of the scale, location of the pressure iron fastening. Machine can only cutter, can cut sheet, two people above operation, should cooperate with each other and operations, are not allowed to be hand inserted into the iron and the blade pressure to prevent cuts.
In the processing of materials, the primary need to the whole volume or the whole piece of raw data for fixed length cutting. Second, to determine the length of the split into two kinds: the length of time to arrive at the exact stop, and then static cutting, cutting and re start operation; the length of the set, when the signal is not stopped, paper tube machine in the data movement process of dynamic cutting.
The most important performance index of fixed length cutting is cutting accuracy, and the product is of good length. Cutting length can be set, if the practice of cutting length error, the method of setting the parameters of a simple calibration. Operation of the paper tube machine carefully, not only to prevent the occurrence of paper tube machinery and equipment, and also can be very good for the company.